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Episode 1: Substantiation Dossiers: Building Trust in Label Claims for Retailers, Influencers, and Consumers 

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The dietary supplement industry has no shortage of attention lately when it comes to the Federal Trade Commission and the recent notices of penalty offenses on label claims. Brands are reaching for substantiation dossiers as a means to provide their retailer partners, influencers, and customers assurance that their label claims are factually accurate. 

Join Radicle Perspectives with Asa Waldstein, Principal of Supplement Advisory Group, as we discuss how to mitigate label claim risk, the impact recent headlines have had on dietary supplement consumers, and what Asa sees is next when it comes to the FTC drama.

Key Topics:

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Understanding label claim risks in the dietary supplement industry
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Strategies to mitigate label claim risk through substantiation dossiers
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Insights into the future of FTC regulations and its implications for the industry

Meet the Guest: Asa Waldstein

Asa Waldstein is a 22-year dietary supplement executive who is principal of the consulting company Supplement Advisory Group, a boutique group focusing on marketing risk analysis and practical marketing solutions for the web and social media. He is the founder of the compliance software company Apex Compliance, chair of the American Herbal Products Association's (AHPA) Cannabis Committee, Naturally Boulder board member and he also writes the weekly regulatory post Warning Letter Wednesday.

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About Radicle Perspectives: Elevating the Supplement Industry

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Meet the Host: Jaclyn Bowen

Jaclyn Bowen is a food safety and quality systems engineer, and executive director of Clean Label Project, a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization with the mission to bring truth and transparency to food and consumer product labeling. Previously, she held numerous technical, standards development, food safety, quality and executive roles within the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre, NSF International. Bowen holds masters’ degrees in quality engineering and public health management & policy.

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Substantiation Dossiers: Building Trust in Label Claims for Retailers, Influencers, and Consumers with Asa Waldstein