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Episode: Empowering Tomorrow: Promoting Collective Wellbeing via Health Equity
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Curious to see into the future of dietary supplement research? Join us as we explore the 2024 landscape of clinical trials with Dr. Susan Mitmesser, who will share her perspective on the importance of health equity and diversity in research – and how that impacts all populations.  From her extensive experience in nutrition research, she will shed light on how to navigate the complexities of developing supplements that cater to the unique needs of individual demographics, from children to adults.  

Key Topics

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The significance of health equity and its impact on everyone.
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The most difficult part of conducting R&D on supplements.
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What the future of research looks like.

Meet the Guest: Dr. Susan Mitmesser

Dr. Susan Hazels Mitmesser, PhD, is the Senior Vice President, Chief Science Officer at Pharmavite where she provides scientific leadership to advance innovation and new product development strategies, and to ensure the scientific integrity of all products made under its brand portfolio. She has a passion for nutrition and wellness and leverages her ability to communicate scientific findings to consumers and the marketplace. She brings extensive experience in research and nutritional biochemistry across various industries and sectors, including food, dietary supplements, academia and clinical settings. She serves on the Editorial Board of four peer-reviewed journals: Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology, Journal of Pediatric Intensive Care, World Journal of Clinical Pediatrics, and Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. In addition, she has published in many peer-reviewed journals and is a contributing author for book chapters relating to nutrition in adult and pediatric populations.

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About Radicle Perspectives: Elevating the Supplement Industry

In the dynamic world of dietary supplements, where scientific breakthroughs, shifting consumer sentiment, and evolving regulatory guidance collide,  it's easy to get lost in the noise and miss the crucial facts. But fear not!  Radicle Science has got your back! 

Join us as we dive deep into the unchartered waters of dietary supplements and compliance, engaging with industry thought leaders, scientists, lawyers, and other influential catalysts who will answer the burning questions you've always had but never had the courage to ask. Stay one step ahead with Radicle Science's exclusive monthly fireside chats - your gateway to a transformative Radicle perspective. 

Meet the Host: Pelin Thorogood

As the Co-founder and Executive Chair of Radicle Science, Pelin has pioneered history's first and only proof-as-a-service company, whose mission is to close the proof gap between supplements and pharmaceuticals. She is an Industry Scholar for the Cornell Institute of Healthy Futures. Deeply committed to impact, Pelin is trustee of the UC San Diego Foundation and Co-Chair of the UC San Diego Innovation and Entrepreneurship Council. She holds a B.S. in Operations Research & Information Engineering, M.Eng and MBA, all from Cornell.

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Empowering Tomorrow: Promoting Collective Wellbeing via Health Equity