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Episode: Diversity and Inclusion is Complex: Learn How the Dietary Supplement Industry Can Get it Right

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As an industry, why is the dietary supplement health promise not resonating across all races and ethnicities? We know from a study published by the academic journal Nutrients that the use of dietary supplements significantly increased nutrient intakes and decreased the percent population with inadequate intakes for most nutrients in all race/ethnic population subgroups. Meanwhile when it comes to the use rates of among race/ethnic population subgroups, only 40.7% of Non-Hispanic-blacks, 36.6% of Hispanics, 53.6% of Non-Hispanic Asians versus 61.1% of Non-Hispanic-whites use dietary supplements. Clearly, there’s a disconnect.

Tune in to another insightful episode of Radicle Perspectives as we welcome our esteemed guest, Marcha Isabelle Chaudry, the founder of The Equity and Wellness Collaborative (EWC), a public policy consultancy firm at the intersection of historically marginalized communities and women’s health/wellness. Gain insights on how to authentically incorporate equity, diversity and inclusion into your brand story.

Key Topics

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The difference between equity, diversity, and inclusion

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The important role that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) corporate policies play in brand strategy

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An evaluation of dietary supplement industry strengths and weakness with an emphasis on underserved populations

Meet the Guest: Marcha Chaudry, Esq.

Marcha Isabelle Chaudry, an attorney with over a decade of experience in the nonprofit, public policy, and advocacy sector, is the founder of The Equity and Wellness Collaborative (EWC), a public policy consultancy providing strategic solutions to health and consumer policy issues at the intersection of women's health/wellness, and consumer policy. EWC specializes in consumer safety and women's health policy, passionately advocating for historically marginalized communities.

Prior to founding EWC, Marcha was responsible for developing and directing the National Women’s Health Network’s, where she led consumer safety and women’s health policy efforts, with a particular focus on historically marginalized communities. Marcha has worked in Congress (both the House and Senate) and brings strategic public policy advocacy knowledge to her work. She has lobbied, at the grassroots and federal level, on public policy matters including, women’s health and consumer policy and has provided expert testimony before Congress and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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Meet the Host: Jaclyn Bowen

Jaclyn Bowen is a food safety and quality systems engineer, and executive director of Clean Label Project, a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization with the mission to bring truth and transparency to food and consumer product labeling. Previously, she held numerous technical, standards development, food safety, quality and executive roles within the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre, NSF International. Bowen holds masters’ degrees in quality engineering and public health management & policy.

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Diversity and Inclusion is Complex: Learn How the Dietary Supplement Industry Can Get it Right