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Episode: The Protein Revolution: The Science Fueling Explosive Market Growth

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Protein remains one of the most impressive macronutrient mainstays in the marketplace. In 2022, the protein powder market soared to an impressive $21.5 billion USD, with projections forecasting a continued growth at a 6.5% CAGR from 2023 to 2032. The global vegan protein powder market is also on the rise, expected to surpass $8 billion USD by 2032, driven by a growing interest in lifestyle changes and vegan preferences. 

Despite these promising trends, the industry faces challenges such as misinformation. counterfeit products and misleading marketing claims on e-retail platforms. Recognizing the importance of vigilance and regulatory compliance is crucial.

Ready to dive into the dynamics of this booming market? This webinar will provide you with exclusive insights into the driving forces behind the protein consumption surge and you’ll receive essential guidance on navigating regulatory compliance in this dynamic landscape.

Key Topics

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The Protein Renaissance: A Macro Revolution
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Plant-Powered Paradigm: Navigating the Rise of Plant-Based Proteins
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Protein's Role in Health and Wellness: Beyond Muscles

Meet the Guest: Dr. Rob Wildman

Dr Robert Wildman, or “Dr Rob” as he is known to colleagues has an incredibly unique background, to say the least. Renowned for his nutrition and dietary supplement expertise, he has served at executive level for brands such as Dymatize, GNC, and Melaleuca and currently supports companies as principal for Demeter Consultants providing guidance on product development, regulatory and scientific affairs. To further serve the industry, Dr Rob’s has been the chair of AHPAs Sports Nutrition Committee for over a decade helping to tackle industry challenges and fostering compliance, collaboration and communication within the food and dietary supplement community.

Dr Rob began his professional journey by earning a bachelor's degree from The University of Pittsburgh, a master's degree from Florida State University and a PhD from “THE” Ohio State University. He has leveraged that scientific training and educational expertise into on-going research and the publication of numerous research papers and book chapters as well as penning four books including "Sports and Fitness Nutrition," "The Nutritionist: Food, Nutrition and Optimal Health," and "The Handbook of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods." He is also the creator of TheNutritionDr.com, a Q&A formatted website on nutrition, health, and fitness, and is the founder of the International Protein Board, the global authority on Protein Matters.

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Meet the Host: Jaclyn Bowen

Jaclyn Bowen is a food safety and quality systems engineer, and executive director of Clean Label Project, a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization with the mission to bring truth and transparency to food and consumer product labeling. Previously, she held numerous technical, standards development, food safety, quality and executive roles within the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre, NSF International. Bowen holds masters’ degrees in quality engineering and public health management & policy.

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The Protein Revolution: The Science Fueling Explosive Market Growth